Take Your Fitness Outdoors This Summer

Summer is the best time to go outside for a workout. The days are longer and the sky is brighter. As an outdoor endurance athlete, I love getting my workout in outside. Here are three fun ways to cross train outside that let you take advantage of the added benefits of working out outdoors. Continue reading

6 Easy Steps for Sustainable Picnic Gatherings

It is summertime and thankfully we are starting to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, and can safely celebrate the season of picnic parties with friends and family. Before you head out and stock up on throwaway picnic staples, like plastic cups, plates, utensils, napkins, take a minute to tune up your eco-friendly lifestyle and learn how to ditch needless plastics.

As we eat, drink and be merry, there’s no need to fall back into wasteful habits and trash our planet with needless single-use plastics, according to Sandra Ann Harris, the author of Say Goodbye To Plastic: A Survival Guide to Plastic-Free Living. Here are a few tips from her book to help you reboot your picnicking habits. Continue reading

Blueberry Pancake Ice Cream Recipe

The pancake is the classic comfort food! Just imagining a short-stack of flapjacks drizzled with maple syrup will bring a smile to anybody’s face. But did you know that pancakes can be so much more? Pancakes Make People Happy features over 75 unique pancake recipes that are as easy to prepare as they are to love. For example, how about some delicious homemade ice cream to go along with those pancakes? Check out the recipe below!


Blueberry pancakes with butter and maple syrup are typically enjoyed at breakfast, but this rich and creamy ice cream is the perfect dessert. While you won’t be able to enjoy it on the same day, a homemade ice cream is worth the wait! Feel free to make extra blueberry compote to use as a topping. Continue reading

Get Fit This Summer With Waterx

Waterx, or Water Exercise, incorporates weights and weightlifting moves in the water. This mode of strength training gives you added resistance from the water, working your muscles in new ways than solely lifting weights on land, in addition to high intensity interval training to round out your total body fitness routine.

The swimming brand Speedo came up with WTRX (Water Xtreme) bootcamp-style water classes to bring new life to traditional aqua classes. I took this concept, and a push plate from Speedo, developed specifically for this new way of aquatic training, and made up my own version of a water weights workout, calling it waterx, that you can do anywhere you have a pool, inside or out, year round. Continue reading

Grads Need Charisma to Succeed

The transition from high school or college to the real world is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, but it can prove to be overwhelming. We receive a good solid foundation from our school educations to prepare us for life, but it is not until this knowledge is put into action that we can achieve success.

We are taught many lessons and develop many qualities and traits, but none are as uniquely important as discovering and nurturing your individual charisma factor that is already nestled deep inside of you. Charisma truly is the icing on the cake of a great foundation! It is an extremely important trait that can make a major difference in the way you live your life and network with others. Unfortunately, we are not taught many social skills such as charisma and presence and are pretty much left to wing this on our own. Continue reading

Peach Tart Recipe

Plant Based Cooking Made Easy is the must-have cookbook from Jill and Jeffrey Dalton, the creators and host of The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show on YouTube. Plant Based Cooking Made Easy features over 100 life-saving, whole food plant-based recipes that are gluten-free, refined sugar & oil free, low in sodium, and full of scrumptious flavors. Try out this recipe for the perfect summer dessert featured in the book below.


Peaches are at their sweetest when they are picked ripe, and they are a hard fruit to ship because they bruise easily, so peach season here in the south is a special time. I originally created this recipe during peach season and though it does make for the most scrumptious tarts, I have also made this recipe with frozen sliced peaches and it still tastes divine. The peaches are so sweet there is no need for added sugar and when you spread them in the pan in a radial pattern it makes for the most beautiful dessert presentation. Continue reading

5 Tips for Instant Charisma

Charisma is an exceptionally important trait, especially now. As we come out of the pandemic, during which we have been spending so much time alone and missing the human interaction which is so essential to our emotional and mental health, people may be feeling socially awkward about a return to social settings. With quarantine-induced social anxiety a real concern, communication is key to achieving a smooth re-entry into society. Continue reading

Don't Like to Run? No Worries

During the pandemic, the running population increased significantly as people sought ways to focus on their physical health. People went outside to run in fresh air or chose a treadmill to work out in their homes. New runners were getting in the miles and losing or maintaining weight. RunRepeat recently published a study about the running boom during the pandemic and found that the motives for running are changing. Physical health is the primary motivation for 72% of new pandemic runners, up 18% from the reasons given by runners who started before the pandemic.

Physical fitness is important in fighting any disease that we encounter. Running can be a viable option for most of us and isn’t just for those who like to do marathons. As with any physical activity, building up to full strength is the smart method for beginners. The bike-walk-run can be the best way to begin, especially if you have some weight to lose. By starting off with a non-impact cardio option and then walking, your knees, shins, feet and back will thank you for not jumping into running right away. Continue reading