The Best Time of Day to Work Out

Whether you work out in the morning or the evening probably depends on your schedule and what you feel works best for you. Ultimately, there’s no real answer to what time of day is best for working out, because everyone lives with different biological and environmental circumstances.

That said, there are pros and cons that come from working out during different times of the day. For example, in the morning you might wake up feeling energized, while in the evening you feel burnt out from work. In contrast, in the morning your muscles may be stiff, whereas in the evening they are warmed up and ready to get fit. Continue reading

3 Tips to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals

Whether holidays, vacation, or other life/schedule interruptions and temptations, even as a fitness pro, I need to stay on track just like you and everybody else. Let me share with you the 3 things I keep in mind to do just that.


1. Have a Training Plan

Currently, I follow a Push, Legs, Pull, Full Body Split.

  1. Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps on Mondays
  2. Legs on Wednesdays
  3. Back, Traps, and Biceps on Friday
  4. Finally, on Saturday, I train for fun and whatever is not sore

I will consistently train for strength 3-4 days a week during the holidays. This gives me a little buffer room for extra calories. Also, a social time out from all the family. Continue reading

5 Tips to Get Faster at Running

Whether you are training to join the military, currently active duty, or just want to run faster for competitive events, there are more ways to getting better at running than “just running”.  Sure, you should be running, but you will find that if you try the following suggestions, you can pick up the speed for timed runs and races in a short cycle of training. Continue reading

Simple Tips to Better Balance

We have all known someone whose balance is less than ideal. The person could be a customer or loved one that needs your professional help. Difficulties with balance can stem from injury, joint replacements or a slip and fall. Balance impairment could be long-term in nature and associated with a disease such as Parkinson’s, or short-term caused by an injury that needs to heal. Whatever the cause, balance can be improved, albeit on a different level for each person.

Having been a health care professional for many years in New Jersey, I have seen the demands and expectations placed upon home care providers. My role as an exercise physiologist filled the void when a patient was discharged from a physician or therapist and needed that professional bridge to the home environment. My guidance normally began with a review of their rehabilitative protocols from the therapist, then implementing the program on a regular basis to ensure compliance and progress.

There are many types of home health professionals that provide services and products to all segments of the population. The common thread is that a product and/or service is utilized to enhance the quality of life and functional status of the end user. Continue reading

Quinoa Pumpkin Cheesecake Cups Recipe

Completely vegan, packed with protein, rich in fiber and perfect for any kind of diet, quinoa is the plant-based superfood that is as easy to work into your day-to-day dining as it is to prepare. The Complete Quinoa Cookbook by Catherine Gill features over 100 recipes featuring this versatile ingredient including the fun seasonal recipe below.


I love these petite cheesecake cups during fall time, but they are a nice treat to enjoy any day of the year, no matter the season. These are so stinking cute that your guests will be thrilled to have one of these on their plate after dinner! Continue reading

Building Collagen Naturally with Plant-Based Diet

If there’s one topic that is super hot right now it’s collagen. Shelves in the supplement section of natural food stores are overflowing with new collagen supplements, promising to alleviate joint pain and combat aging skin. Some collagen brands also claim to help with leaky gut, support the immune system, and balance hormones. But are these claims true? And, before jumping to supplementation, can anything be done through food to prevent collagen break down and support collagen synthesis? The short answer is, yes!

First, let’s start with some collagen groundwork. Continue reading

Managing Grief Over the Holidays

Life is tough. Grief is painful. We all know this. And in no way do I ever want to diminish the intensity and genuineness of hard times. The holiday season especially resonates as a time of assumed joy and jolly while there so often is a looming emotion of grief, mourning, and worried hearts.

Grief is a process. There is really no end to it, but rather the format changes. And, amazingly, eventually, slowly, new flowers can bloom over the rotting, wrenching, wrecked roots of life. Not better. But different. Because in times of hardships, life becomes different.

The question is still, how do we persist on the garden of life when it is flooded with grief? How do we grow anything in a cold season? To help tough times become tolerable, here are a few tips. Continue reading

How to Boost Your Immunity with Essential Oils

For athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors, so much time and attention goes into developing a workout regimen. Unfortunately, we don’t always put that same level of effort into the opposite side: recovery. To grow our bodies stronger and more resilient, we also need to think about how to safeguard them. It starts with boosting your immunity.

Believe it or not, aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways to enhance the immune system and safeguard it against illness. The gym is absolutely a place where you’re likely to pick up germs, but some practical essential oil practices are more than enough to remedy them—and keep your immune system strong, so you can continue to train.

Here’s a look at how an essential oils medicine cabinet can put you in better control of your immunity. While you focus on training your body, these practices will help protect it. Continue reading