5 Tips for Instant Charisma

Charisma is an exceptionally important trait, especially now. As we come out of the pandemic, during which we have been spending so much time alone and missing the human interaction which is so essential to our emotional and mental health, people may be feeling socially awkward about a return to social settings. With quarantine-induced social anxiety a real concern, communication is key to achieving a smooth re-entry into society. Continue reading

Don't Like to Run? No Worries

During the pandemic, the running population increased significantly as people sought ways to focus on their physical health. People went outside to run in fresh air or chose a treadmill to work out in their homes. New runners were getting in the miles and losing or maintaining weight. RunRepeat recently published a study about the running boom during the pandemic and found that the motives for running are changing. Physical health is the primary motivation for 72% of new pandemic runners, up 18% from the reasons given by runners who started before the pandemic.

Physical fitness is important in fighting any disease that we encounter. Running can be a viable option for most of us and isn’t just for those who like to do marathons. As with any physical activity, building up to full strength is the smart method for beginners. The bike-walk-run can be the best way to begin, especially if you have some weight to lose. By starting off with a non-impact cardio option and then walking, your knees, shins, feet and back will thank you for not jumping into running right away. Continue reading

Heart Healthy Exercises You Can Do At Work

As remote work is here to stay, many of us are spending more hours at our desks than we were in the office post-pandemic. At the office, we were used to taking breaks to get coffee, grab lunch or just chat with coworkers in between meetings. As many of us enter a remote-first work environment, we’re spending long hours working and sitting at our desks—which has become a concern. In fact, experts expect to see an increase in sedentary behavior because of it. A sedentary lifestyle is when most of your day is spent sitting or lying down while doing daily activities. Unfortunately, this kind of lifestyle can increase your risk of developing chronic conditions such a heart disease—which happens to be the leading cause of death in both men and women.

To avoid this sedentary way of living and to keep ourselves healthy, we’ll go over 8 simple heart-healthy exercises you can do at your desk that strengthens your heart and body.

Continue reading

8 Times You Should Take a Rest Day

Those training shoes call to you from the corner. Some days you feel all in, while other days you need an extra push to get going. Maybe you lack motivation, feel under the weather, or need to recover. No matter the reason, when you find yourself without the desire to lace up, it’s a good idea to check in and see if you need time off.

Is today one of those days? Read on to find out how rest days benefit you, plus learn eight situations when you should go ahead and give your body a break from exercise. Continue reading

Mushroom Tacos Recipe

Plant Based Cooking Made Easy is the must-have cookbook from Jill and Jeffrey Dalton, the creators and host of The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show on YouTube. Plant Based Cooking Made Easy features over 100 life-saving, whole food plant-based recipes that are gluten-free, refined sugar & oil free, low in sodium, and full of scrumptious flavors. Enjoy a recipe featured in the book below!


Tacos are another one of those childhood foods that are always welcome on the dinner table. This is my take on tacos using mushrooms (yay more mushrooms!) as the meat replacement flavored with Mexican style mole sauce. Tacos really lend themselves to adding anything and everything as toppings so chop up some of your favorite veggies and dig in! Continue reading

Beefless Kabobs with Sweet Chili Hummus Recipe

Hummus is a super food in that it’s so versatile that it can often be used as a healthier alternative to dairy like eggs and cheese. The Complete Hummus Cookbook by Catherine Gill features over 200 delicious, vegan-friendly recipes for you to try including the one below which is the perfect recipe as the weather gets warmer. Fire up that grill!


The flavors in these kabobs, combined with the mouthwatering hummus dipping sauce, is just out of this world! These are now my go-to for cookouts. Guests love having something that they can eat with their hands at a gathering that is not messy. I find it really suits outdoor-style parties for this reason. Double or triple the recipe if you are expecting a bigger crowd, and you may want to keep a set of skewers on hand in your cupboard, too! Continue reading

5-Day Pilates for Athletes Challenge

This 5-Day Pilates for Athletes Challenge from Sean Vigue, author of Pilates for Athletes, is designed for all athletes regardless of their chosen sport(s), fitness level, exercise experience or age. Each of these bodyweight-only flows will vastly elevate your ability to move, breathe and focus. Pilates workouts with Sean always leave you stronger, more flexible, more resistant to injury and with increased endurance. Start this challenge today, share it with your teammates but NEVER with your rivals! Continue reading

Spinach Pancakes Recipe

The pancake is the classic comfort food! Just imagining a short-stack of flapjacks drizzled with maple syrup will bring a smile to anybody’s face. But did you know that pancakes can be so much more? Pancakes Make People Happy features over 75 unique pancake recipes that are as easy to prepare as they are to love. For example, did you know you can make pancakes with spinach? Check out the recipe below!


This was our take on a spinach salad, but obviously in pancake form. The pancakes take away any aversions one might have to spinach, such as texture or bitterness, and offer an incredibly easy way to add some greens to your diet. Really, these pancakes are GREEN. Continue reading

White Cheddar Zucchini Cakes Recipe

The pancake is the classic comfort food! Just imagining a short-stack of flapjacks drizzled with maple syrup will bring a smile to anybody’s face. But did you know that pancakes can be so much more? Pancakes Make People Happy features over 75 unique pancake recipes that are as easy to prepare as they are to love. Try out the recipe below with a savory spin.


These savory pancakes are incredibly versatile. They can be made tiny to pass as hors d’oeuvres at a party, small for a tapas plate, or larger for a main course. It’s a bit of a chore to grate the zucchini and then squeeze the excess water out of it—but pain though it may be, it is oh-so-important to success! Continue reading

Getting Back In Shape Post-Pandemic

Throughout the last year as this country battled Covid 19, quarantines, loss of amenities, and freedom, fitness routines were some of the many things that suffered. Sure, a privileged few had the time, money and motivation to equip their homes like full gyms, but most didn’t.

What resulted for many were more sedentary lifestyles and weight gain. As we all start to come out of a pandemic haze, many are wondering how to regain their pre-pandemic fitness routines, motivation, and shed “pandemic weight.” We turned to certified fitness NYC fitness trainer Jessica Mazzucco, founder of The Glute Recruit®, for some tips. Continue reading