Take Your Workout on the Road: A Travel Fitness Routine by Hugo Rivera

Take this exercise band and body weight traveling training routine on the road with you!

Below is a description of the exercise and training part of the routine. You will perform this routine every day in your room by alternating between Workout (A) one day and Workout (B) the next day, using 5 sets of as many reps as possible in each exercise. You may ask if one day in between would be enough for the muscles to recover. The answer to this question is yes due to the fact that you are not lifting heavy weights.


Workout (A) – Upper Body

Tri-set #1


Rows with the bands



Tri-set #2

Lateral raises with the bands

Curls with the bands

Close grip push-ups


Workout (B) – Lower Body/Abs

Tri-set #1

Squats (Close Stance) with no weights

Squats (Medium Stance) with no weights

Squats (Wide Stance) with no weights


Tri-set #2

Lunges (Pressing w/ heels) with no weights

One legged calf raises with no weights

Leg raises


There are two tri-sets in each workout, which are three exercises performed one after the other with no rest in between sets. After all three exercises have been performed, you can take a 1 minute rest and start over, or, for a more pronounced cardiovascular effect, and a quicker paced workout, you can continue performing the exercises in circuit fashion up until all 5 sets have been done. Once you are finished with tri-set #1, then you can move on to tri-set #2. You can rest 60 seconds between the time you finish tri-set #1 and start #2 or you can simply start the second one with no rest.

If you perform the routines in circuit fashion without rest, you can get away without doing additional cardiovascular exercise. However, for those of you who would like to still perform your traditional cardio, a quick power walk for 20-30 minutes after the workout or first thing in the morning if you rather do the resistance portion at night.

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HUGO RIVERA is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, engineer and international best selling fitness author with over 20 years of bodybuilding experience. He is also the New York Times About.com Guide to Bodybuilding and continues to educate others on how to use bodybuilding in order to achieve their goals. Hugo is the author of Hardgainers’ Bodybuilding Handbook as well as the co-author of the best selling Body Sculpting Bible for Men and Body Sculpting Bible for Women.