Important Tips for Storing Berries

Berries are among the most popular, healthful, and versatile of all fruits found at local farmers markets. Whether enjoyed in their simplest form or incorporated into recipes, they provide delicious and nutritional benefits. The book Farmstand Favorites: Berries offers over 75 easy-to-prepare recipes to use with a variety of berries, as well as general information about their types, benefits, and suggestions for preserving and storing them.

Here are a few tips on how to store berries so you can enjoy them longer:

— Do not store berries in their original container. Instead, remove and sort out any moldy or overripe ones. Then place the remaining berries in a loosely covered container.

— Do not wash berries until right before using them.

— Do not allow berries to sit in the sun or heat. Store them in a refrigerator set a 32°-40°F.

— For long-term storage, berries can be frozen in an airtight container. Those prepared without sugar should be used within 3 months. Berries prepared with sugar or any other sweetener can be kept for close to a year.

— Berries can also be pickled or preserved into a variety of jellies, jams, salsas, and chutneys.


Reprinted with permission from Farmstand Favorites: Berries. ISBN: 978-1-57826-375-2, $9.50 (paperback). New from Hatherleigh Press. Distributed by Random House.