Take Your Fitness Outdoors This Summer

Summer is the best time to go outside for a workout. The days are longer and the sky is brighter. As an outdoor endurance athlete, I love getting my workout in outside. Here are three fun ways to cross train outside that let you take advantage of the added benefits of working out outdoors.


Backyard Tire Workout

Have a spare vehicle tire lying around? Try these moves for a backyard tire workout:

  • Tire squat flips x20
  • Reverse lunges with foot on tire R/L x20
  • Front lunges with foot on tire R/L x20
  • Tricep dips on tire x20
  • Push ups with hands on tire x20
  • Single leg side squats with one leg on the tire and one on the ground R/L x20
  • Push up on tire with alternating knees to chest x20
  • Hip raises with feet on tire x20
  • Crunches with feet on tire x20
  • Rolling tire rows focusing on back/bis x20
  • Hop in/out of tire x20
  • Hop over tire x20
  • Power tire slams x20


Swing Set Workout

Have a swing set in your backyard or at a local park? Try these moves on the rings, TRX-suspension-style, for a fitness burst while out and about:

  • Narrow deep squats leaning back on rings x20
  • Curtsey squats alternating R/L x20
  • Lunge with ring push downs x20 right
  • Hop to switch press
  • Lunge with ring push downs x20 left
  • Hop to switch press
  • Ring push ups x20
  • Ring back row pulls (narrow) x20
  • Ring upper trap row pulls (wide) x20
  • Overhead double arm tricep press with rings x15
  • Lean back bicep curl with rings x15
  • Tricep pushbacks with rings x15
  • Single arm ring pulls x10 left/ x10 right

You can also add a trapeze bar or other equipment present like bars, slides, stairs, ropes and playground climbers to practice real-world fitness at the park or in your backyard.


Metal Moves Workout

If you’re looking for another option for cross training outdoors, bring your metal tools, like a kettlebell, steel mace, and steel clubs, outside to feel the full flow benefits of being freed from four walls.

  • Kettlebell squats x20
  • Kettlebell swings x20
  • Kettlebell swing, squat, overhead press x20
  • Steel mace side to side lunge rotation x20
  • Steel mace overhead swing squat catch x20
  • Steel mace rotation row x20 L/R
  • Steel club pendulum swings x20
  • Steel club pull over press outs x20 L/R
  • Steel club side to side lunge press outs x20 L/R


Enjoy these outside workouts this summer, and even better, they can be done in cold temps too for year-round fitness building using what you have around you.



Jennifer Strong McConachie is a multi-sport endurance athlete competing in running, swimming, triathlons, adventure racing, and various paddling sports. She has trained for mountain assents including three of the Seven Summits around the world. She has a degree in Journalism, Mass Communications and Public Relations as well a several certifications in fitness teaching including from the American Council on Exercise. She is the author of GO FAR: How Endurance Sports Help You Win At Life.