Staying Healthy During Summer – and Year-Round

During the lazy summer months, travel, parties, lack of sleep and even overindulging in sugary treats can be a recipe for falling off the diet and fitness bandwagon. As a Life Coach, Jim Fannin has provided specific steps and guidelines which help his clients stick to their healthy habits year-round and ensure they remain healthy and happy. See more below.


It is important to remember that living a healthy lifestyle should be individualized for you and may change throughout the year, and even during the course of your life. A healthy lifestyle includes finding ways to remain positive, focused and stress-free, while having a specific goal in-mind and sticking to it using daily, weekly and monthly regimens.

To ensure a healthy lifestyle for optimal, year-round living for my clients, a specific set of life management tools are instilled. To stay focused on diet and fitness, as well as overall wellness, I recommend these tips:


Unplug and reboot to remain stress free. Periodically “unplug” from electronic devices, to turn off your brain and physically do this by unhinging your jaw, shifting your eyes and clearing all thoughts from your mind. Hold the blank screen for 30-90 seconds. This tool has been utilized by my clients within venues like the Masters Golf tournament, the Wimbledon tennis tournament, NBA playoffs, the World Series and Fortune 500 boardrooms.


Have a champions plan. Each Sunday night, review your macro goals to be achieved within the next seven days. Envision them in full completion, as if it’s so and as it will be. In addition, never have a day you haven’t already had. Mentally dress rehearse tomorrow by seeing an awesome day with your daily macro tasks and goals completed. Planning immunizes you from distraction.


Relax. Reserve your relaxation and enjoyment time in advance as a just reward for your anticipated hard work. Schedule 10 to 15-minute, daily rest periods; amounts of quality sleep; days off; weekends off; and of course, vacations. By planning time to replenish your energy, you will bolster your focus. With laser focus on what you want in your life, phone distractions will slowly dissipate and become a thing of the past.


Hydrate. If you lose 1% of your body water you’ll lose focus by 10%. To increase focus which allows you to live more in the present tense, hydration is an integral part. If your urine is NOT clear, you will lose focus. As I tell my champion athletes, “Urine clear, never fear. Urine yellow, loser fellow.”


Visualize what you want in life. Whether you’re striving to lose 100 pounds or overcome illness, you can do this by visualizing the outcome you desire. Research has revealed that mental practices are almost as effective as true physical practice, as the thought process programs the subconscious mind and activates intuition.


As a Life Coach since 1974, I’ve worked with more than 2,500 clients, ranging from professional athletes from 10 sports and business executives from 50 industries. I’ve also worked with individuals and families, to improve their overall quality of life. I’m also the author of The Blueprint: A Proven Plan for Successful Living.


Jim Fannin is America’s ZoneCoach®, coaching more champions in sports, business and life than anyone on earth for over 40 years. As one of the world’s foremost thought leaders, he is more than a life, business or sports coach. He is a “change your life” coach. With the ONLY proven blueprint for attracting the Zone mindset, Jim has helped transform millions of people’s lives by providing proven tools and techniques to create simplicity, balance and abundance.