Best Ideas for Home Workout Equipment

If you found yourself around the house more often in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic, you might find yourself getting restless or wanting to try new things. Maybe fitness if your game. You don’t necessarily have to leave your home in order to be in great shape. Some of the most iconic bodies throughout history have been achieved via body weight/resistance band exercises.

In fact, there are a bunch of advantages of home training over a gym. First, you don’t have to pay every month for a membership. Secondly, you can workout whenever you want, even at night if you are not too loud. In addition, you don’t have to overcome long distances to get to a gym. It is right in front of you, and you can start working out immediately when you’re in the right mood.

So if you are looking for the best value for fitness equipment at home, check out the tips below.


1. A Horizontal Bar, Parallel Bars, a Swedish Wall.

You can purchase all these 3 apparatuses online, united in one. That construction is attached to the wall and takes up little space. Its purpose is to aid in various types of pull-ups, push-ups, and exercising your stomach and tibia muscles.

With the help of this exercise, you will, mainly, improve the muscles of your hands, back, core and chest. However, all body muscles will experience some extent of tension.


2. A WalkingPad

Many people who want to increase their cardio health consider purchasing treadmills. However, treadmills are both clunky, expensive, and take up quite a bit of space. However, there are viable alternatives. A WalkingPad is a smaller device than a treadmill; but can be used for both speed walking and running. The highest speed that you can develop on a walking pad is 6 km (3.7 ml), and the weight of a user can’t exceed 100 kg (220lbs).

Using this device, not only can you walk, but you can also perform various different movements with your hands, legs, and torso. Even 5 minutes of such fitness activity several times a day can significantly transform your body shape.

Besides, walking in conjunction with boxing movements will give tone to your body. That, in turn, will help you perform pull-ups, push-ups, and other hard exercises much easier.


3. A Jump Rope, and a Tennis Ball

There are numerous jumping exercises that you can perform with a jumping rope. Although they are a bit loud, they will benefit the health of your heart and breathing. Same thing with a ball. You can throw a ball against the wall or the floor.

Here’s another exercise: stretch your arm with a ball; let go of the ball and immediately catch it with your second hand, imitating a punch. Repeat that movement while you change your location, imitating a boxer’s changing position on the ring.


4. Resistance Bands

This equipment is amazing; it will help you perform your first pull-up, even if you never managed to do it. Even if you can’t do one pull-up, this rubber will compensate up to 80 kg (175lbs).

In that manner, if you weigh 100 kg (220lbs), you will perform pull-ups as if you would weigh only 20 kg (44lbs). Even with very poor muscles, you will be able to do a few pull-ups. When a person can do 1 pull-up per set, it is a good start. What they need, in that case, is consistency, and soon that 1 pull-up will turn to 2 pull-ups, then to 3 and so on. Eventually, they will discover that you can make 1 pull-up without a resistance band.

In addition, resistance bands are capable of replacing all your gym equipment. There are numerous top athletes and fighters that are intensive users of resistance bands. Indeed, with proper applying, you can easily and evenly enforce every muscle in your body.


5. Bicycle

Buying a peloton bike is a good idea if you have no opportunity to go outside with a real bike, however, they are one of the most expensive pieces of workout equipment on the market. While cycling outside, you not only burn calories, but you also breathe fresh air and bask in sunlight. Sunlight gives you vitamin D, which is important for uplifting mood. Sun rings also wake you up by increasing the level of your cortisol. That’s why it is good to do it in the morning.

Whatever decision you make–buying a real bicycle, or a pelton, it will have an excellent influence on your health. It will increase your stamina, save you from various diseases, which are associated with a sedentary lifestyle, and will improve your heart and lung condition. Besides, while you cycle outside, your mind will be distracted from any depressive thoughts. This happens because you observe various places, which change rapidly while you cycle around.


A home gym will change your life. It will have a positive impact on your brain, body shape, self-esteem, inner organ health, and will promote a good mood. It will also give you a sensation of composure and self-discipline.


Dominic LoBianco is a contributing writer on behalf of Fitness19. Dominic covers a wide array of topics ranging from mental health to the best exercise programs.