How Not To Get Sick at the Gym

The Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors headed to three different gyms – budget, mid-range and luxury – to investigate what germs and bacteria are lurking on your treadmill.

What did they find? Bacteria on several pieces of cardio equipment, and multiple strains of bacteria on yoga mats, even at the expensive gyms. The dirtiest place they found, however, was the water fountain, which was hosting e coli and feces bacteria.

Here is how The Doctors recommend staying healthy at the gym:

#1 – Use wipes to wipe down your machines, and let the surface dry before touching.

#2 – Be careful not to make contact if you have open cuts or scrapes, germs can easily get in and cause infection.

#3 – Keep your hands away from eyes, nose and mouth while at the gym – flu and cold virus is easily spread this way.

#4 – Designate one side of your towel for your face, one side for your equipment – get a two-toned towel, or write your name on one side to make it easier to remember

#5 – Wear flip flops in the shower, and don’t sit naked on gym benches!

#6 – Ask your gym how often they clean their machines and find out what their cleaning schedule is

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