8 Foods that Help Fight Stress Naturally

8 Foods that Help Fight Stress Naturally by Jo Brielyn


We all have stress. No matter how relaxed we try to live, there’s no way to escape having a certain amount of it. Too much stress, however, can negatively impact our health as well as our relationships. How we handle and manage the stressors we face makes all the difference. One of the most powerful stress-fighting tools is learning how to manage it through the foods we eat. There are foods that actually have calming properties to help the body ward off stress more effectively.


Just to be clear, calming foods are not the same as comfort foods. There is a big difference between enjoying a food’s natural calming properties and using food to serve as a type of emotional anesthesia. Eating habits like that might give you a temporary calming effect, but it will wear off quickly leaving you only with the extra calories and often more frustration over your poor eating choices. Instead, choose foods like those listed below that contain specific nutrients proven to provide calming agents or that give a steady, reliable source of energy to pick you up when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stressful situations.


JO BRIELYN is an author and contributing writer for Get Fit Now and has currently completed 16 nonfiction books about health and wellness. Jo is the founder, writer, and editor of Creative Kids Ideas, a resource website that supplies parents, teachers, and family members with the tips and fun ideas to help build stronger, happier, and more creative kids. She is also the writer behind Good-For-Your-Health.com. Jo is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a former youth leader. She resides in Central Florida with her husband and their two daughters. Jo is the co-author of Combat Fat for Kids.