7 Benefits of Self-Massage

The idea of getting a massage during or after a tough workout sounds pretty great, right? In fact, it really should be part of one’s workout routine. Does that mean you have to hire a masseur every time? The good news is, of course not, since you can easily self-massage at home.


Rawlogy is a company that makes e-cool-logically cool cork stress balls and massage rollers which are great for sore, tired or tense muscles. These ultralight, eco-friendly, ethically produced, and travel-ready, cork massage balls and rollers offer a premium self-massage experience wherever you are.



Below are some benefits of self-massage.


1. It is a simple tool for sports recovery—quick, DIY, natural relief for muscle tension and soreness.


2. Self-massage improves range of motion by loosening tight muscles and deep knots that affect your posture and movement.


3. If you spend a lot of time on your feet (anyone from standing workers to long-distance runners and hikers), self-massage can relieve tension, soreness, and cramping in the ball of the foot, arch, and heel. To that effect, self-massage has been used to provide temporary comfort and pain relief from Plantar Fasciitis (along with concurrent long-term treatment methods like icing, stretching, orthotic inserts, and treatments recommended by a healthcare professional).


4. Helps de-stress naturally! When the body lets go of stress, it creates space for the mind to let go as well. It’s a cost effective, convenient solution for relaxation.


5. Self-massage is convenient and safe! Do it anywhere, anytime, wherever you feel comfortable. Plus, you’re not putting yourself and others at risk for COVID-19, the flu, or other viruses spread through airborne transmission.


6. Self-massage is accessible to everyone. You don’t need special training or experience. A lot of people just start rolling, relying on intuition to guide them through their self-massage practice. However, there are many resources online that can help you get started with some simple techniques.


7. There are lots of self-massage tools available and YOU get to decide how you want your self-massage to feel. Play with different shapes, sizes, textures, vibration, and even temperature to figure out what tool works best for you, your body shape, your pain points, and your budget!


Whether you are at the gym, hiking, traveling, are in the office or at home, Rawlogy can help you in your quest to self-massage allowing users to de-stress and relieve tension in those sore, tired, aching and or stressed muscles. Now you can roll out quads, calves and even shoulders while on the trail with these compact massage balls made from upcycled cork.

For more information please visit: https://www.rawlogy.com/