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  1. Former Navy SEAL Stew Smith Shares Tips to Avoid Muscle Cramps when Running

    Written on - Aug. 23, 2013
    Watch this excellent video by former Navy SEAL and fitness book author Stew Smith, to learn tips to prevent muscle cramps when running.   STEWART SMITH, USN, is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a former Navy SEAL, and author of several fitness books including The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness, The Special Ops Workout, Maximum Fitness, and...
  2. Get Ripped and See Those Washboard Abs

    Written on - Aug. 07, 2013
    female bodybuilder
    Washboard Abs, Six Pack Abs - Are They Possible? by Stew Smith   Yes, we all have six packs / eight packs even. They are just usually covered by a layer of fat. Having a flat stomach or washboard abs is not just accomplished by working out daily, it has to become an all-encompassing lifestyle. The key components are healthy and lean diet, cardiovascular / resistance training, and abdominal exercises. If...
  3. Stew Smith’s Tips for Breathing Technique During Exercise

    Written on - Jul. 11, 2013
    Learning to breathe during exercise has benefits such as preventing dizziness during activity, improving athletic performance, and increasing fat burning.   What is proper breathing while running? Many experts will say that to fully oxygenate the muscles and clear the body of carbon dioxide you should breathe a 3:2 inhale-to-exhale ratio; full inhales and full exhales. This means you inhale on the LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT foot strikes and exhale fully on the...
  4. Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Fitness Results by Stew Smith

    Written on - Jul. 03, 2013
    weight loss
    When to eat and what to eat are constant questions that affect your fitness and health goals as well as your weight loss desires. The answer will vary depending on your goal, but understanding the After, Before, During (ABD’s) of workout nutrition will better help all groups (performance athletes, weight losers, general health clients) reach their personal goals. This understanding of what foods and drinks work best for fat loss...
  5. A Beginner Running Plan by Stew Smith

    Written on - Jun. 25, 2013
    Running injury free requires near perfect technique, great shoes, possibly the addition of orthotics/insoles, and a gradual build-up after long periods of no running or beginning a running plan. To avoid or deal with running injuries, remember this saying. “If it hurts to run, stop running. If it hurts to walk, do not run. If it hurts doing nothing/walking, go to a doctor.” Below is a Beginner Running Chart for people...
  6. Great Advice for Proper Running Technique by Stew Smith

    Written on - Jun. 25, 2013
    Everyday you can usually spot someone who chooses running as their source of daily exercise. So many times people pass by, running in pain and obviously not enjoying the popular cardiovascular activity. Improper technique is the main culprit for less enjoyment and injury among runners. Maybe they would enjoy running a little more if they knew the proper techniques. Here are a few tips to help you pick up...
  7. 15-Minute Workout from Stew Smith

    Written on - Jun. 22, 2013
    Here are some ideas for those of you who only have a few minutes a day to exercise. Regardless of the hours you keep, here are some options for you to get in quick workouts that are both affective and will wake you up whether it is done in the AM or PM after dinner. Wake up with Crunches - Here is an exercise that is JUST a little harder...
  8. How to Recover Fast from Hazy, Hot and Humid Workouts

    Written on - Jun. 19, 2013
    Hazy, Hot, and Humid Summer Workouts/Practices: How to Recover Fast by Stew Smith Any person or team who exercises in the heat needs to hydrate during workouts to stay cool and avoid over-heating and even potential death from heat stroke. Fatigue is part exertion and part body heat so your hydration plays a huge part in your athletic and tactical performance. Dehydration can occur during excessively sweaty workouts no matter...
  9. Light Weight Shoulder Workout by Stew Smith

    Written on - Jun. 10, 2013
    Light Weight Shoulder Workout by Stew Smith The shoulder is our most versatile joint. There is no other joint that can lift up, down, forward, backward, rotate left and right, or throw. The only joint in our body built similarly is the hip. But with the shoulder's versatility comes its weakness. It is commonly injured due to tendonitis, ligament pulls, bursitis, dislocations, separations, and rotator cuff injuries. If you have...

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