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    Hello Everyone,
    I just purchase the body sculpting bible for men and I am going to starting the 14 day body sculpting workout and wanted some help with making a template on what the diet should look like.



    Hello, Brian.

    I’d like to help you out if I can. I’ve been on the BSB nutrition plan for four months.

    What kind of template are you looking for?

    I reference the nutrition schedule, and grocery list, and macronutrient tables lists quite frequently when I have questions. I also look online for macronutrient listings not contained in the book.

    My meal plan is basically a measured protein (egg, turkey, chicken) matched with a measured carb (milk, rice, potato) five times a day. At least one salad a day with any meal. Fat can be one measured portion three times a day with any meal.

    Figure out your macronutrients needs using the lean body mass forumlas in the book. Measure and prepare in advance is the key to success.

    Let me know if there is anything I didn’t cover. I’d love to help!



    Hugo Rivera

    Hello Brian,

    Yes, like Carlos mentions, what template are you referring to? The book has detailed charts showing how you should be eating. If you could please be more specific as to what is confusing you, please let us know so that we can help.

    Carlos – thank you so much for all you do my friend.



    Sean Horgan

    I bought the Body Sculpting Bible For Men Workout Journal. I would like to get advice on rests between workouts. I have for ten years now been used to working out three times a week with a day or two rest in between. I am not very well built but strong, toned and slim. Is it necessary in the 14 Day Bodysculpting Workout to only take one day off and I can be sore after a workout so I need the time off from the gym and I also work. Because I am so used to one day off between my workouts for years would a break every two days be ok? Is there some way to break up the six day routine?
    I would be grateful someone could reply to my question. Sean, Ireland

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