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    Have you had success using the Body Sculpting Bible (Men or Women) series of books?

    Please share your experiences below.



    I’ll start. My name is Carlos and I am 34 years old.

    I first found the BSB for Men book at Barnes & Noble around 2001. I was in college and looking to re-gain my high-school physique. I read the book. However, I must admit that most of the information was way over my head (mind, nutrition, sleep). I showed good results at a lean 195 lbs when I was 20 years old.

    After six more years and years of working on a computer as my profession, I gained 50 lbs. At 245 lbs, I was very uncomfortable in my clothes, sitting, and enjoying outdoors. I decided it was time to open “the book” again. Six months later, I was 185 lbs. and leaner than when I was 20 years old. Amazing results (especially after month three the pounds just dripped off).

    Once I reached 185 lbs., I quit setting goals for myself, and so did my body. Four short years later, I was back up to 245 lbs. Unhappy with myself once again, I opened “the book.” This time with the support of a nearby friend, together we tackled every page in the book “Mind, Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep.” Three short months later, I am currently 205 lbs and more muscular than I ever have been in my life.

    This time, I am setting short-term and long-term goals for myself to prevent me from going backwards again. I aim to continue the program in three-month (12 week) cycles with a different primary focus each cycle (core, lower body, upper body).

    I would like to mention that the nutrition section of the book does greatly enhance my digestion, increased my metabolism, and helped me save costs in the grocery store (when on a tight budget).

    Also, I currently do not have membership to a gym. Just a pair of PowerBlocks, a front porch, and lots of motivation.

    Thanks for listening! I’d love to hear your story.




    I am John and I am 32 years old. Thanks for sharing your story Carlos.

    I had been off and on working out for years and not in any real researched or structured way. I dont have time or diligence to commit to a trainer. My friend Carlos came over one day for one of weekly online class nights, with “the book”. I was instantly intrigued. He had read it through several times and explained things to me about nutrition, form, routines and more. I love that this book covers everything. I even learned about the importance of your mind in doing when exercising.

    This book Did save me money n my grocery bill as well. I am a frugal spender so I was excited to learn that my meals were now healthier than ever and for as little as $1.35 per meal. Awesome! I was drinking the calculated amount of water everyday and sleeping more. I was feeling great in no time.

    One other area I would like to point out is the exercise routines. Its really laid out well and it works for anyone. It changes daily and weekly as well as gets rigorous then relaxes a bit later. The routines take minimal time out of your day, 45 minutes in my case with a friend.

    Before long I was taking pictures of myself most confidently and the ladies notice me more. I feel very confident and love my new found actual strength. Normal tasks are so much easier, I feel younger.

    I have inspired two friends one of which is getting out of the Army soon and they are both on board to start this campaign with me using the teachings from “the book”. I will post about that once we get going.

    Thanks for the help and keep up the good work!!

    Best, John -AKA Johnald- how I feel after workout



    Hello, everyone,

    My name is Carlos, and I wrote the post above two years ago. I just wanted to update my status with the forum.

    I still keep eating according to the nutrition plan outlined in the book. I have not gained any more than 2% of my body weight back since I stopped lifting weights.

    I am about to hit the gym again this winter/spring. It is very exciting to know that I have a minimal amount weight to lose! Now I can focus on gaining muscle mass, instead of losing weight AND gaining muscle mass at the same time.

    Thank you Hugo and James for changing my life, and making it so much easier to understand why my body gains weight, and how to prevent it from doing so (even without exercise). I share my success story with everyone I meet. I wish the same success to everyone.

    Thank you and God Bless!


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